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About Us

UniReforn S.r.l. was born and grew among the factories operating in metallurgical, steel and iron sectors. Its first experiences deal with servicing of aluminium alloys smelting and holding furnaces. Then, it worked on heat-treatment furnaces , both in ferrous and non-ferrous sectors.
After a few years of field experiences on servicing, a new era began: the “manufacturing” of industrial furnaces.
From the middle ’80s, UniReforn S.r.l. kept increasing its staff, together with the investment increasing on its structure.
In its new head office, UniReforn S.r.l. is organised as follows:

Administrative office : where you can find the purchase office, the sales and the account;
Technical office : for designing and CAD drawing;
Engineering workshop : with its new steel carpentry working machinery and machining equipments;
Refractory warehouse : where you can find different types of concretes, refractory and insulating bricks, various ceramic fibres materials and ceramic pipes.

UniReforn S.r.l.’s products are entirely designed and built in its own factory, in order to meet all customer’s requirements and to offer customised systems in a very short time.
We know that flexibility and high quality are the best-appreciated qualities in the industrial market.