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Maintenance & Revamping Industrial Furnaces


The service to the customers doesn’t finish with the delivery of a new or modernised furnace.
Thanks to its qualified technicians, UniReforn guarantees the customer service and the technical assistance too, in order to repair, as soon as possible, those systems which have had a breakdown; our interventions can be compared to real “rescue operations”.

It is also possible to find and buy at UniReforn’s components like refractory steel pipes or sheet metal for high temperature, J or K or S thermocouples, compensating cables for thermocouples and temperature controllers, industrial burners, electrical resistances, and different kind of refractory and insulating materials.
UniReforn: just one only firm that can deal with all it’s necessary; its lean, but efficent organization is the best solution for these kind of urgent industrial interventions.



Often the customers need to have old systems modernized, both from a mechanical point of view and a refractory or insulating lining.
Using all its own tools and instruments and making up the right experts’ team, UniReforn is successful in satisfying this important market demand.
As sometimes the customer needs the furnace to be repaired in a very short time, then our first target is to look for commercial spare parts and to find them as quick as possible, or to build the damaged and broken parts again (both mechanical and refractory ones), or to install new commercial parts on the system.
This way of working has helped UniReforn a lot, so that it has been able to establish trust relationships with its customers; very often, that was the trump card to approach new industrial areas.